Full definition of UFER panel performance envelope 

Rhino HySafe remains determined to maximise the range of application of the Vertex panel systems, and crucially, to provide design engineers with maximum insight into the performance characteristics of the panel in providing explosion relief across a wide range of hazard conditions.  To that end, a fully defined performance envelope has been prepared, in pressure-impulse space, so that designers and specifiers have a complete view of the Vertex panel opening criteria.  This performance envelope has been validated by reference to static, pendulum impact testing and full-scale explosion testing, under the severe conditions associated with hydrogen deflagration. 

As shown above, the demonstrated performance envelope straddles the static, impulsive and dynamic range, illustrating the value of Pstat at 20 mbarg (0.3 psig), and minimum opening impulse of 325 mbarg·ms (4.7 psi·ms).  These properties, combined with a panel specific mass of < 6 kg/m2 ensure a rapid, low-inertia response following panel opening. 

This iso-opening curve provides rapid insight into the Vertex panel performance, independent of the explosion loading conditions of concern to the designer. 

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