Rhino HySafe is Part of the Rhino Engineering Group. The Rhino Engineering Group was formed in 2021, however, the organisation was first established in 1983 and is based in South Wales and North West England in the UK with a 2,200m2 manufacturing facility.

Rhino Engineering Group has developed a range of proprietary explosion relieving and resisting components of protection structures. These were developed originally for the onshore and offshore oil and gas industries but have been further developed to cater to the particular requirements of the hydrogen fuel industry.

The Group’s core capability is: the design, manufacture and installation of portals and barriers for the protection of assets from hazardous environments.

The blast design function of the Group is led by an experienced technical team with a combined experience of over 60 years in specialist blast design. The team has developed methodologies for the structural dynamic design of both blast resistant walling systems and blast resistant doors, proven by full-scale blast testing.

These methods are now acknowledged as the norm within the offshore oil and gas industry and were subsequently extended to include other industries such as nuclear, defence, petrochemical and pharmaceutical. This expertise also encompasses the design of walling systems and doors for fire protection, acoustic attenuation and attack delay.


The Rhino HySafe team also possess vast experience in the assessment and design of structures subject to accidental load conditions, such as explosion, impact and fire. This experience extends from participation in the large-scale testing of structural response to explosions, characterisation of major accident hazards, fabrication engineering, nonlinear analysis, design visualisation, work-pack authoring and site support, both onshore and offshore.

The team has also been involved in technical studies supporting the use of hydrogen systems over many years, ranging from safety assessments at numerous hydrogen fuelling facilities, through to hazard modelling and design activities on large scale carbon capture and hydrogen production projects.


Rhino is committed to the health and safety of all personnel who come into contact with our products in manufacture, installation and operation whilst minimising our impact on the environment. Rhino are Achilles UVDB verified and are quality assurance accredited by ‘CFA’ to ISO 9001:2015, all aspects of a project being performed in accordance with our accredited procedures.